Maca's front page: Real Madrid's 100 million euro liquidated damages forced away C Ronaldo

2018-07-05 04:20:37
July 5th  Yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo has adidas ultra boost femme decided to leave Real Madrid. In the early morning, "Marca" further explained why Cristiano Ronaldo air decided to leave Real Madrid. Ronaldo's original plan was to be retired from Real Madrid, but the last contract, Real Madrid, has a new contract, Ronaldo's relationship with Real Madrid. The reason that led Ronaldo's determination  air max 97 rouge to leave Real max 98 rouge  Madrid was the Real Madrid set a penalty for him. Non-competitor teams could take C Ronaldo for 100 million euros. "March" reported C Ronaldo. Ronaldo thinks that the amount of liquidated damage is very ridiculous. He said: "If my liquidated damages are only 100 million euros, it means that they do not want me." Especially after Neymar was moved to Paris, C Ronaldo was I think it's a real joke. Of course, we are  to determine adidas eqt support adv  the 100 million euro liquidated damages is set. The only thing we know is Cristiano Ronaldo's dream of retiring and waking up. (Editor: Xuan Quanxuan)

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