Their system is cruel and NBA Live 18 Coins

2017-09-09 09:46:05

"Their system is cruel and I don't like NBA Live 18 Coins it. If a young player doesn't succeed, they don't look after him. That sucks. You have players who are first or second in the draft that get a chance to play. I didn't get the chance. [LeBron James] is a killer now, but he did get a chance in his first year, he could shoot from the stands if he wanted. I barely got the chance.


I had that situation in Orlando where if I shoot from perimeter, my coach [Brian] Hill would yell, "Pass to Howard."In Detroit nothing went right. Larry Brown always told me to go near the basket.


They offered me a $40 million, four-year contract in Orlando, and then their manager blows it off, out of nowhere. My manager told me he would deal with it. I said OK, but just not Memphis. Anywhere but there. And, of course, I went to Memphis. Then I got injured, didn't play much."


To be fair, Milicic is right that Europe's system is not as cruel early on. Young players get the chance to develop at their own pace, often in lower divisions on weaker leagues. At some point, however, teams on both sides of the Atlantic expect players to contribute, or they cut them loose.


A 21-year-old Milicic had a solid year in Orlando as a backup center, but eight points, five rebounds and almost two blocks per game understandably didn't make him untouchable. The Magic had Dwight Howard around already, so he was  Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins superfluous.It's undeniable that Darko got a raw deal early on, as Brown is tough on rookies and there was no chance to play on that 2004 champion Pistons team.

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