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2018-07-03 03:51:55

What are the shortcomings and advantages of wall clothing? The disadvantages of wall clothing The disadvantages of wall clothing actually have two points. One is that there are fewer domestic manufacturers and most of them are imported from abroad. Therefore, the price will be more expensive than other wall decoration materials. The second reason is that the wall coat is a water-soluble material. It will be troublesome when cleaning. It will have a good adsorption effect on smoke taste and dust. Therefore, it is relatively easy to be dirty. The Wall Clothes Advantage Wall clothing is very environmentally friendly and can be removed from the material. The harmful substances are made of wood and natural fibers and play a role in protecting human health. Wall clothing has many colors and styles. Its unique texture can create a simple and elegant visual effect. It also has a three-dimensional relief. The wall clothing has good flexibility and breathability, and the wall decoration will not be pushed down and cracked. The construction of wall clothing is very simple and does not require grinding after molding. After absorbing water, it will become soft and dry, then it will change back to the original. It is also very convenient for repairs. It can be softened and applied to a place where it needs to be repaired. Wall clothing has good sound-absorbing effect and anti-mildew effect, has a certain absorption effect on sound waves, but also can quickly release water-absorbing molecules to prevent wall clothing anti-mildew. Wall clothing also has a good moisture absorption and moisture protection function, can adjust the indoor temperature. Wall clothing is fire-retardant when it is manufactured, so it also has the advantages of fire prevention and flame retardant.

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